TAC 2011 Knowledge Base Population (KBP2011) Track


Question Answering and Information Extraction have been studied over the past decade; however evaluation has generally been limited to isolated targets or small scopes (i.e., single documents). The Knowledge Base Population (KBP) Track at TAC 2011 will explore extraction of information about entities with reference to an external knowledge source. Using basic schema for persons, organizations, and locations, nodes in an ontology must be created and populated using unstructured information found in text. A collection of Wikipedia Infoboxes will serve as a rudimentary initial knowledge representation.

What's New

June 10: 63 teams have registered for KBP2011 so far.

May 26: annotation guidelines are updated.

May 15: Final task definition is available.

Organizing Committee

Hoa Trang Dang (NIST, hoa.dang@nist.gov)

Ralph Grishman (Coordinator, New York University, grishman@cs.nyu.edu)

Heng Ji (Coordinator, City University of New York, hengji@cs.qc.cuny.edu)

Paul McNamee (Johns Hopkins University, paul.mcnamee@jhuapl.edu)

Boyan Onyshkevych (Department of Defense)

Kira Griffitt (LDC, kiragrif@ldc.upenn.edu)

Joe Ellis (LDC, joellis@ldc.upenn.edu)

Xuansong Li (LDC, xuansong@ldc.upenn.edu)

Stephanie M. Strassel (LDC, strassel@ldc.upenn.edu)