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TAC 2018 Track Registration Instructions

  1. Read the Policies and Guidelines for Track Participants. Participation in a TAC track signifies that you have read and will abide by the policies and guidelines. All results submitted to TAC are archived on the TAC web site and all evaluations are published in the conference proceedings. Dissemination of TAC work and results other than in the conference proceedings is welcomed, but the conditions of participation specifically preclude any advertising claims based on TAC results.

  2. Register for TAC 2018 tracks at: https://tac.nist.gov/2018/track-app.html

  3. Subscribe yourself to the track mailing list (if not already subscribed). Registering to participate in a track does not automatically add you to the track's mailing list.

  4. Submit the following form to NIST:
    • Agreement Concerning Dissemination of TAC Results

    • Email the signed agreement form as a pdf attachment to: tac-admin@nist.gov
      Include the following information in the body of the email message:
        your name
        your organization name
        your TAC 2018 team ID
        what forms you are submitting
        "Requesting access to TAC 2018 data as a registered TAC 2018 team"
      If you are not able to email your form as a pdf attachment, please contact tac-admin@nist.gov for other options for submitting forms.

  5. SM-KBP and EDL track participants only: Submit the following form to LDC to request specific resources for KBP 2018:

  6. Please by sure to place a check mark next to the specific packages that you are requesting in the license agreement. If the TAC team includes individuals from multiple organizations, each organization must submit a separate evaluation license agreement to the LDC. Please include your TAC 2018 team ID in all correspondences.

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