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Thirteenth Text Analysis Conference (TAC 2020) Workshop

February 22-23, 2021

U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology
Online BlueJeans Meeting


The Thirteenth TAC Workshop (TAC 2020) will be held as an online workshop on BlueJeans Meetings. The registration fee is $34:

The link to the virtual meeting will be sent to registered attendees on February 19, 2021.


Registered workshop attendees will be given a link to the BlueJeans meeting:

  • Plenary talks will be held in the BlueJeans Main meeting room. Plenary sessions will finish by 3pm ET each day, to accommodate attendees in most time zones.
  • One (1) Social/Meet and Greet Room will be open for attendees to "hang out" during both workshop days (9am-5pm ET); this is akin to the open vestibule or hallway of an in-person conference.
  • Four (4) Collaboration Rooms will be available for attendees to reserve for private meetings and conversations during the workshop days (9am-5pm ET). Please direct message Angela Ellis on the TAC2020 Conference Slack to reserve a room.
  • Collaboration Room #1 is reserved during the lunch breaks on Monday and Tuesday for discussions/planning for the RUFES and EPIC-QA tracks, respectively.
  • The "chat" and Q/A feature will be disabled on BlueJeans; please use the TAC2020 Conference Slack for written communications so that attendees have a history of their chats outside of BlueJeans.

Registered workshop attendees will be invited to join the TAC2020 Conference Slack workspace:

  • Attendees are encouraged to raise questions for plenary speakers via the Slack general channel. To ask the presenter a question during a plenary session:
    1. Type the quesion into the "General" channel of Slack.
    2. The session chair will ask your question at the end of the talk.
    3. Turn on microphone and video when the session chair is asking your question. After the speaker responds, you may ask any follow up questions if desired, before thanking the speaker for the response.
  • Comments and conversations are also encouraged on the Slack general channel.

In the plenary sessions, attendees are requested to turn off video and microphone unless one of the following is true:

  1. You are a moderator or panelist during the panel discussion session.
  2. You are actively presenting a talk: Turn on video and microphone and share screen for the duration of your presentation and Q/A time slot.
  3. Your question is being asked by the session chair: Turn on video and microphone while your question is being asked. Turn off video and microphone after you've said "thank you" for the answer.
  4. You have raised your hand to ask a question, and the session chair has called on you to ask your question: Turn on video and microphone to ask you question. Turn off video and microphone after you've said "thank you" for the answer.

Workshop Notebook

The TAC 2020 Workshop notebook is accessible only to workshop attendees and teams that participated in a TAC 2020 track. It is not distributed on any physical media, but is available online at the TAC 2020 Workshop Website.


Registration questions: Karen Startsman (karen.startsman@nist.gov).
TAC questions: Hoa Dang (hoa.dang@nist.gov) or Angela Ellis (angela.ellis@nist.gov).

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