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KBP 2022 RUFES Schedule

    October 15, 2022Release RUFES 2022 task description, entity ontology, and annotation guidelines
    October 15, 2022Release RUFES 2022 development source corpus (200,000 documents) and annotations (100 documents)
    October 30, 2022Release RUFES 2022 evaluation source corpus (10,000 documents)
    February 3, 2023Fourteenth TAC workshop (online)
    February 15, 2023RUFES 2022 leaderboard opens (Phase1: no feedback): Participants may start submitting system output for the RUFES 2022 evaluation source corpus, for the entity types that are in the KBP 2022 RUFES ontology.
    February 20, 2023RUFES 2022 leaderboard opens (Phase2: with feedback): Participants may start requesting human feedback for runs that have been submitted in Phase1. Systems incorporate human feedback and produce improved output to submit for Phase2. Once the participant has received any human feedback, they must submit runs only for Phase2 rather than Phase1.

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