TAC 2010 Knowledge Base Population (KBP2010) Track


The registration for KBP 2010 is available at:


TAC 2010 KBP teams must submit the following two forms prior to being given
access to KBP 2010 resources:

  • Agreement with NIST:

Download form: Concerning Dissemination of TAC Results

Email the signed form to NIST (tac-admin@nist.gov) as a pdf attachment,
Subject: TAC 2010 Agreement Form.
Include the following information in the body of the emailmessage:
a. your name
b. your organization name
c. your TAC 2010 team ID
d. "Requesting TAC 2010 resources as a registered TAC 2010 team"

Then fill in the registration form at:



  • Agreement with LDC:

TAC sites must complete LDC's TAC KBP 2010 evaluation agreement to obtain access to KBP 2009 and 2010 corpora.

Completed agreements should be returned via fax or email (preferred) to
LDC's Membership Office:

Attention: Ilya Ahtaridis, Membership Coordinator
Fax: +1 (215) 573-2175
Email: ldc@ldc.upenn.edu

Registered TAC sites who have completed the evaluation agreement can contact
LDC's Membership Office at <ldc@ldc.upenn.edu> to request these corpora.