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TAC 2012 Workshop

TAC KBP 2012


TAC 2012 focuses on Knowledge Base Population (KBP). The goal of Knowledge Base Population is to promote research in automated systems that discover information about named entities as found in a large corpus and incorporate this information into a knowledge base. TAC 2012 fields tasks in three areas, all aimed at improving the ability to automatically populate knowledge bases from text:

  1. Entity-Linking: Given a name (of a Person, Organization, or Geopolitical Entity) and a document containing that name, determine the KB node for the named entity, adding a new node for the entity if it is not already in the KB. The reference KB is derived from English Wikipedia, while source documents come from a variety of languages, including English, Chinese, and Spanish.
  2. Slot-Filling: Given a named entity and a pre-defined set of attributes ("slots") for the entity type, augment a KB node for that entity by extracting all new learnable slot values for the entity as found in a large corpus of documents. The reference KB is derived from English Wikipedia, while source documents come from English and Spanish. A diagnostic task, Slot Filler Validation, will be to determine whether a candidate filler in a document is a correct slot-filler for a given entity.
  3. Cold Start Knowledge Base Population: Given a KB schema with an empty knowledge base, build the KB from scratch by mining a large text collection.
To promote research in populating probabilistic knowledge bases, systems may augment each assertion they make with a confidence score.


    TAC 2012 Schedule
    June 15Deadline for registration for track participation
    July 30Deadline for English Slot-Filling results submission
    August 26Deadline for Cold Start results submission
    August 31Deadlines for Slot Filler Validation, English Entity-Linking, and Spanish Entity-Linking results submission
    September 4Deadline for Chinese Entity-Linking results submission
    September 28Deadline for workshop presentation proposals
    By late SeptemberRelease of individual evaluated results to participants
    October 5Notification of acceptance of presentation proposals
    October 17Deadline for system reports (workshop notebook version)
    November 5-6TAC 2012 workshop in Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA
    February 12, 2013(Extended) Deadline for system reports (final proceedings version)

Organizing Committee

Javier Artiles (KBP Coordinator, Rakuten Institute of Technology, javart@gmail.com)
James Mayfield (KBP Coordinator, Johns Hopkins University, james.mayfield@jhuapl.edu)
Hoa Trang Dang (NIST, hoa.dang@nist.gov)
Joe Ellis (LDC, joellis@ldc.upenn.edu)
Kira Griffitt (LDC, kiragrif@ldc.upenn.edu)
Ralph Grishman (New York University, grishman@cs.nyu.edu)
Heng Ji (City University of New York, hengji@cs.qc.cuny.edu)
Xuansong Li (LDC, xuansong@ldc.upenn.edu)
Paul McNamee (Johns Hopkins University, paul.mcnamee@jhuapl.edu)
Boyan Onyshkevych (U.S. Department of Defense)
Stephanie M. Strassel (LDC, strassel@ldc.upenn.edu)

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