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KBP 2012 Track
Call for Participation
Track Registration
Reporting Guidelines
TAC 2012 Workshop

KBP 2012 Cold Start Tools
KBP 2012 Entity-Linking Tools
KBP 2012 Slot-Filling Tools

KBP 2011 Entity-Linking Tools
KBP 2011 Regular English Slot-Filling Tools
  • Validator for KBP 2011 Regular English Slot-Filling submission file: check_kbp_2011_slot-filling.pl
    • usage:   check_kbp_2011_slot-filling.pl  submission_file
    • submission_file is the submission file, e.g., tac_2011_kbp_english_evaluation_regular_slot_filling_submission.txt (from LDC2011E89)
  • KBP 2011 Regular Slot-Filling scorer: SFScore.java (v1.2)
    • usage:   java  SFScore  submission_file  assessment_file
    • submission_file is the submission file
    • assessment_file is the concatenation of the assessment result files (from LDC2011E88)

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