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TAC 2014 Workshop

Text Analysis Conference (TAC) 2014

Evaluation: February-November, 2014
Workshop: November 17-18, 2014

Conducted by:
U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

With support from:
U.S. Department of Defense

The Text Analysis Conference (TAC) is a series of evaluation workshops organized to encourage research in Natural Language Processing and related applications, by providing a large test collection, common evaluation procedures, and a forum for organizations to share their results. TAC comprises sets of tasks known as "tracks," each of which focuses on a particular subproblem of NLP. TAC tracks focus on end-user tasks, but also include component evaluations situated within the context of end-user tasks.

TAC 2014 has seven tracks in two major areas:

  • Summarization Track develops technologies that produce short, coherent summaries of text.
    • Biomedical Summarization
      The Biomedical Summarization track focuses on summarization of biomedical literature.
      Track coordinator: Lucy Vanderwende (lucy.vanderwende@microsoft.com)
      Track home page: http://tac.nist.gov/2014/BiomedSumm/

  • Knowledge Base Population (KBP) Tracks develop technologies for building and populating knowledge bases (KBs) from unstructured text.
    • Cold Start KBP
      The Cold Start track builds a knowledge base from scratch.
      Track coordinator: James Mayfield (james.mayfield@jhuapl.edu)
      Track home page: http://tac.nist.gov/2014/KBP/ColdStart/

    • Entity Linking
      The entity linking task is to discover and link names in a document collection to entities in a reference KB, or to new named entities discovered in the document collection.
      Track coordinator: Heng Ji (jih@rpi.edu)
      Track home page: http://nlp.cs.rpi.edu/kbp/2014/

    • Slot Filling
      The slot filling task is to search a document collection to fill in values for predefined slots (attributes) for a given entity in a reference KB.
      Track coordinator: Mihai Surdeanu (msurdeanu@email.arizona.edu)
      Track home page: http://surdeanu.info/kbp2014/index.php

    • Slot Filler Validation
      The Slot Filler Validation track focuses on the refinement of output from slot filling systems by either combining information from multiple slot filling systems, or applying more intensive linguistic processing to validate individual candidate slot fillers.
      Track coordinator: Hoa Dang (hoa.dang@nist.gov) and Yasaman Haghpanah (yasaman.haghpanah@nist.gov)
      Track home page: http://tac.nist.gov/2014/KBP/SFValidation/

    • Sentiment
      The goal of the Sentiment track is to assess the quality of detectors for scoped and attributed sentiment.
      Track coordinator: Claire Cardie (cardie@cs.cornell.edu)
      Track home page: http://tac.nist.gov/2014/KBP/Sentiment/

    • Event
      The goal of the Event track is to extract information about events such that the information would be suitable as input to a knowledge base.
      Track coordinator: Marjorie Freedman (mfreedma@bbn.com)
      Track home page: http://tac.nist.gov/2014/KBP/Event/

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