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TAC KBP 2019 Data

Data that are required for the TAC 2019 tracks are distributed at no cost to track participants. Whenever possible, data are distributed by NIST or the Linguistic Data Consortium via Web download; data are mailed as physical disks only if they cannot be made available for download.

Access to TAC 2019 data is restricted to registered TAC 2019 participants who have submitted all the required User Agreement forms. Each participating team will provide a TAC 2019 Team ID and will receive a Team Password upon registration. Teams that have participated in past TAC evaluations must register and obtain a new TAC 2019 Team ID and password for 2019. Teams must also submit new (current) User Agreement forms for 2019. Once the required User Agreement forms have been received for that team, NIST will activate the TAC 2019 Team ID and Password to give access to password-protected TAC 2019 resources that are distributed by NIST (a different username and password are required for data that are downloaded from LDC's intranet).

Data resources from past KBP and related evaluations listed in the 2019 Text Analysis Conference (TAC) Evaluation License Agreement are available for system development and must be requested by name and catalog number from the LDC upon registration; teams are responsible for requesting the past data that are relevant for their respective tracks when submitting the Evaluation License Agreement to the LDC.

In addition to resources listed in the 2019 Text Analysis Conference (TAC) Evaluation License Agreement, the following KBP 2019 development data and evaluation data are available to KBP 2019 teams:

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