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Mailing List

The mailing list for the RUFES task is tac-kbp@list.nist.gov. Participants should join the mailing list by joining the tac-kbp Google Group:

Track coordinators will send all announcements about the RUFES task and evaluation to the Google Group mailing list. (Other group members may also send messages to everyone in the group, by sending messages to tac-kbp@list.nist.gov.)

Registering to participate in the TAC KBP 2022 RUFES task does not automatically add you to the mailing list. Participants in the RUFES task must subscribe themselves to the mailing list in order to receive announcements about RUFES. If you were previously subscribed to the mailing list, you do not have to re-subscribe (the mailing list is for anyone interested in KBP at TAC, and thus carries over from year to year).

A Google account (not necessarily a Gmail account) is required to join the group. Participants without a Google account who wish to join the mailing list should send a message to tac-manager@nist.gov with the subject line "subscribe tac-kbp".

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